Easy Directions to the Most Unique Budget-Friendly DIY Graduation Invitations
Whether you are graduating high school or college, it will open a new door, and a new chapter to your life. This is a huge accomplishment, and there are many people that are proud to witness your progress. Out of everything, you should be proud of yourself! You made it to where you are, and you have completed another step to accomplishing all your lifetime goals. Your invitations are supposed to be elegant, unique, yet portray your personality. Use these easy to follow instructions below to create the perfect do-it-yourself invitations for your graduation.

What You Will Need
- 12"x12" scrapbooking cardstock (You will find these in large packages such as 50-100 sheets. Buy accordingly to your style, and how many sheets you will need.)
- a computer printer
- printer paper
- fine tip markers
- stickers
- envelopes
- scissors
- glue sticks
- ribbon
- wallet sized senior photos of yourself, for each invitation you will be making
Step 1- Take one sheet of 12"x12" scrapbooking cardstock, and cut it directly down the middle. This will leave you with two 6"x12" pieces. Fold one of those sheets in half, and cut the other one into two 6"x6" pieces.
Step 2- Get onto your computer, and access one of the documenting programs such as Microsoft Word. For you invitation, you will need to make two 4"x4" pieces of paper that will give your guests a little bit of information. For the front of your invitation you can put something such as "You are cordially invited to the High School/College Graduation of (your name here)". On the inside piece, you can put on of your inspirational quotes and a personal message.
Step 3- Now it is time to make your save the date card. From the 6"x6" individual pieces, take one, and glue your senior photo in the picture. Make two different pieces of printed paper both 1"x3/4". On the top piece, add the date and time of your graduation. On the other piece, add the information for the location of your graduation.
Step 4- Create bows out of thin ribbon, and glue them to the front of your invitation.
Step 5- Use printed pieces of paper that are 4"x4" with RSVP information on them, and information to obtain tickets to your graduation.
Step 6- On your envelopes, address them with colorful markers with go along with each invitation.
Step 7- Place the save the date card, and the RSVP information inside the fold on the invitation. Add into the envelope, and seal with a sticker.
Now you have a stylish and unique way to catch the attention of the close family and friends, you can gladly invite them with your DIY graduation invitation. All of the materials for this invitation project, are obtainable at Walmart or your nearest supercenter. Enjoy making and sending out your unique invitations, and everything they symbolize for yourself, and your future.For essay writing service visit Rasmus Kreutzmann .